Friday, February 8, 2008

47-39 Jaspers; 12:19 in the 2nd

  • Herbie feed the ball to Nero in the post, and it was too easy after that. Seconds later, Han forces a turnover and Anthony Johnson finishes with an emphatic dunk. HUGE momentum change in the game there, all from Mamdou defense and an untimely elbow. 47-39 Jaspers.
  • Mamadou plays some unorthodox, annoying defense on Devin Austin, who elbows him and is called for an offensive foul. They don't call him the Claude Lemieux of MAAC basketball for nothing, folks. Fairfield ball.
  • Offensive foul called on Greg Nero. When it rains, it pours. 47-35 Jaspers.
  • Han's floater misses, Stags' swipes at the ball from Pearson misses. The only thing that hit was a Jaspers' three. 47-35 Jaspers.
  • Rashad Green buries a three after some miscommunication on defensive slides. 44-35 Jaspers.
  • Jon Han finally gets the Stags back in the swing of things with a three. 41-35 Jaspers.
  • Devin Austin's turnaround in the post is good to go. Jaspers now lead, 41-32. Oh, boy.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: Well, he had a grey suit. No longer, as is the case when he gets angry when the Stags underperform. Blue shirt and a blue/red striped tie. Still classy, but very mad.

- K.C.


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