Friday, February 8, 2008

26-25 Jaspers; 3:56 in the 1st

  • Han gets called for an iffy foul; Cooley wants some answers as the game goes to timeout.
  • Goofball MAAC Player of the Year Award: Brandon Adams. And that's without the protective glasses.
  • Pearson called for a carry on the ensuing possession. Stags' ball.
  • Brandon Adams, rec specs and all, puts the ball in and draws the foul from Evanovich. He adds the free throw for an old-fashioned three. 26-25 Jaspers.
  • Evanovich passes from the post to Yorel Hawkins, who is whistled for a travel. Whammy. Jaspers' ball.
  • A pass to Nero goes off of his foot and rolls out of bounds. He gets subbed out literally one second later. Appears like he's still in Cooley's doghouse.
  • Nero's first show is good; the second is off but the Stags grab the board.
  • Nero draws a foul on a post-up. He seems to be asserting himself early and often tonight. Two shots for Greger.
  • Basket from Manhattan pulls the Jaspers to within one. 24-23 Stags.
  • Traveling violation on Nero as the defender fell on the post-up. Jaspers' ball.
  • Six days 'til pitchers and catchers report to Legends Field in Tampa. Sorry, I couldn't resist. After all, the House that Ruth built is only a few minutes away! Same with the New House that Jeter is Building.
  • - taking over Iona, and now they're invading Manhattan. They want you!
  • Lady Stags are in trouble: down six points with only a minute to play. Hopefully they can show a little Siena magic circa Women's MAAC tournament last year. (Too soon for a joke?)

- Keith Connors


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