Friday, February 8, 2008

9-6 Stags; 15:37 in the 1st

  • Timeout on the court.
  • Jon Han answers the Manhattan score with a three-point shot. Quick trigger from Han - a great sign for Fairfield if he's good. 9-5 Stags.
  • A Nero miss leads to an Antoine Pearson drive and lay-up. He was matched-up with Nero, and Pearson is the far quicker of the two. Nice call from the Jaspers' offense.
  • Nero hits one-of-two. Stags lead, 6-3.
  • Nero gets the ball in the post and is fouled after a nice turnaround move. Nero heads to the line for a pair of shots.
  • After two minutes of nothing, the Stags finally break-out. Yorel Hawkins buries a three, and, moments later, Fairfield forces a turnover. Nero finishes on a fastbreak look. 5-3 Stags.
  • 3-0 Jaspers after an early three-pointer from Laurence Jolicoeur.
  • Missed a little of the action due to some technical difficulties (a.k.a We didn't know that password for wireless at Draddy) but now we're back!
  • Pre-game meal: New Yawk pizza. Now that's what I'm talkin' about. World's best.

- K.C.


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