Sunday, January 27, 2008

Final from Harbor Yard: Fairfield 73, Niagara 61

  • Final from Harbor Yard: Fairfield 73, Niagara 61
  • Fisher is now the one that heads to the line, as Fairfield refuses to go down without a fight. Fisher adds to his stats with a pair of free throws.
  • Herbie Allen hits a trey to keep the game respectable. The Stags call for a quick timeout to rally the troops. 71-61 Niagara.
  • Nelson goes one-of-two. 71-58 Niagara.
  • Fairfield looks lost in an attempt to put up a three-point shot. Niagara gets the ball back with time winding down. Anthony Nelson is now fouled with 31 seconds to play.
  • Nelson knocks down both shots with ease. 70-58 Niagara.
  • Yorel Hawkins misses a three, and Herbie Allen is forced to foul quickly as a result. Nelson goes to the line for two shots.
  • Hodge hits both shots to put the nail in the coffin. 68-58 Niagara.
  • The Stags attempt to manufacture a turnover because of a half-court trap - but no such luck. Han is forced to foul Stanley Hodge with time winding down.
  • Edney drives the lane and takes an ill-advised jumper. Niagara grabs the board and calls a timeout to regroup with 1:17 to play. The Eagles are up eight points, and the game appears as if its on ice.
  • Tyrone Lewis drives the lane and its a floater. 66-58 Niagara.
  • Edney takes another quick three and gives the ball back to the Eagles.
  • Fisher nails 'em both. 64-58 Niagara.
  • Charron Fisher takes advantage of a match-up against freshman Warren Edney by posting him up and drawing a foul call. Fisher to the line to extend the Eagles' lead.
  • Refs stop the game to take a look at a potential mistake in the game clock. We think it's 2:53 to play. Either way, the Stags are down four in crunch time.
  • Evanovich misses a three in the corner; nice defense for the Purple Eagles.
  • Tyrone Lewis fakes a three, then drives for an easy lay-up. Niagara takes a quick timeout to regroup defensively, as Cooley finally takes off his jacket in a fit of rage. Will it get them motivated? One can only hope.
  • Han misses an ill-advised three to give the ball right back.
  • In a stunning turn of event, Niagara misses one of their free throws as well! Must be something in the water her at Harbor Yard.

- Keith Connors


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