Sunday, January 27, 2008

16-16; 10:56 in the 1st

  • Fisher and Lewis cause a turnover as Fairfield tries to move the ball around the perimeter. The Eagles grab possession and call for a timeout with a man on the floor. Niagara ball.
  • Fisher tries to force a shot off of a "push" call from Mihalich. Anthony Johnson does a great job guarding him and forces a miss. Stags' ball.
  • Nero hits one-of-two to tie the game. 16-16.
  • Nero gets a deep, Tom Brady-like pass from Han on the in-bound, grabs it over Egemoyne, and draws a foul. He goes to the line for two..
  • Demeterious Williamson goes to the line for a pair after an Edney foul. That happened before the timeout. Williamson knocks down both shots. 16-15 Purple Eagles.
  • Pre-game meal: self-serve cold cuts and chips. A little surprised, but I made a decent turkey sandwich. Hopefully we get something hot in between games here.
  • Francis Romano leaves the pep band hanging for some television coverage today, as the Fairfield game is being broadcast on local Cablevision channel CT-83. I see how it is, Frank. Reminds me of the old saying: Bands before broadcasts.

- Keith Connors


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