Sunday, January 27, 2008

11-7 Niagara; 15:32 in the 1st

  • Herbie Allen has to force up an awkward three with the shot clock winding down. Jon Mihalich is pleased with his defense's effort. Media T.O. as the Stags try to rebound.
  • Hodge hits both freebies, and Niagara's up four early. 11-7 Niagara.
  • Egemoyne called for a hold on A.J. underneath - the first foul of the afternoon. Stags retain possession, but the Eagles pick off the pass and go coast-to-coast. Yorel Hawkins focus Stanley Hodge, who would've had the easy lay-up on a breakawy.
  • Tyrone Lewis gets a kick-out pass and drains a trey. Nice look. 9-7 Niagara.
  • Han and A.J. get the trap and force Stanley Hodge to turn the ball over. On the other side, Yorel Hawkins uses his agility and speed to take Fisher to the hoop. Fisher answers a few ticks later with a jumper of his own. This kid can sohot. 7-6 Stags.
  • A.J. matched Egemoyne with a post lay-in of his own. Power versus power right there. Charron Fisher hits a turnaround on Yorel. Han hits a three on the other end to even things out. Awfully good basketball thus far from both sides. 5-4 Stags
  • Egemoyne gets a feed in the paint and lays it in nicely. 2-0 Niagara.
  • Opening tip: Antony Johnson takes on Charron Fisher, who is HUGE. Tom said it best, "he looks like a fullback". Nevermind, he's taking on Egemonye, who wins with ease. Eagles ball.
  • Almost no energy from Fairfield as the announcer gives the starting five. Hopefully that's a sign that they are extremely focused. It's hard to believe that the Stags wouldn't be up for this big, big game
  • The Fairfield five: Jon Han at point, as always. He'll be joined by Herbie Allen at guard. As for the forwards - Yorel Hawkins, Mike Evanovich, and Anthony Johnson. It worked against Canisius; will it work today?
  • Harrison Lipton. Truly brilliant.

- Keith Connors


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