Friday, January 25, 2008

28-17 Stags; :37.5 in the 1st

  • Just as Herbie Allen tries to force a pass inside (which was easily knocked down and stolen on site), head coach Ed Cooley grabs the ref and calls a timeout. Nice call from the Coach. That's why he gets the big bucks.
  • Han and Nero try to play a two-man give-and-go game on a drive, but the refs will have none of it. The call is traveling, and the ball belongs to Canisius.
  • Vazquez inadvertently knocks the ball out of bounds following an a'Nyam miss. Fairfield ball.
  • Marty O'Sullivan commits a stupid foul, as Vazquez gets a cross-court pass and lays it in. He's got a chance for a three-point play. To make amends, Marty airs the ball down court and hits a wide open Han, who lays it in nicely. 28-17 Stags.
  • Two free throws from a'Nyam pulls the Griffs to within eleven points. 26-15 Stags.
  • The fabled Merritt Canteen has ad advertisement in the rafter on Harbor Yard. If your ever in the neck of the woods, I recommend making a stop.
  • Our favorite Stag mascot gets some airtime on ESPNU, as he breakdown and dances next to our table to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger". Good for him... good for him.

- Keith Connors


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