Monday, January 21, 2008

53-52 St. Pete's; 5:33 in the 2nd

  • Media T.O. as the Stags get the ball back following an errant pass.
  • Lampley hits a jumper - as these two teams are going boxing style with all these lead changes. Evanovich misses as I'm typing. 53-52 St. Pete's.
  • Han forces a steal, then finds Edney on a fastbreak for a lay-up. 52-51 Stags.
  • Pete's goes right back to Sowell, who goes right back to scoring in the paint. 51-50 St. Pete's.
  • Evanovich hits a jumper to answer. He's got his shot tonight, folks. 50-49 Stags.
  • Sowell to the line for a pair = two misses. St. Peter's retains possession, and Orta drains a three off of an inbound pass. 49-48 St. Peter's.
  • Sowell goes up in the post and a foul is called on Anthony Johnson. Questionable call, but certainly close enough. Red Sea.. not a fan of the ref.
  • Evanovich shoots quick off of a pass and drains the three. 48-46 Stags.
  • Raul Orta uses the glass and hits a twenty-footer. 46-45 Pete's.

- Keith Connors


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