Monday, January 21, 2008

22-16 Fairfield; 7:44 in the 1st

  • A pair of Pete's misses ends up out of bounds. Stags' ball.
  • 22-16 Fairfield with eight minutes to go.
  • Two great offensive possessions in a row for Fairfield: on the first, they came away empty, but had a great "ups" board from Warren Edney followed by an Evanovich miss (give-and-go with Jon Han). The next, Anthony Johnson dunked hard on a great backdoor cut.
  • Tom Cleary: Peanut Johnson has a mohawk too. Hmm..
  • Travel on Peter's to give it right back. "You can't do that," says the Red Sea.
  • In an awkward scene, Edney misses bad on both free throws, Anthony Johnson pulls down the board, and then is called for a travel.
  • Han breaks the press and finds Edney, who drives and is fouled awfully hard. Two shots for Warren.
  • At 10:32 and down six, the Peacocks start to show a full-court press - possibly trying to follow the Iona model.
  • Costner hits both free throws with ease. 20-14 Stags.
  • Jordan Costner fumbles a pass and turns it over, but Peter's gets the ball right back with a nice defensive move. Costner redeems himself by following an Orta miss hard, grabbing the board, and drawing a foul.
  • Devin Johnson's pass for Nero goes wide left. Looks like Nero got held underneath in the paint, but no call. Peacocks' ball.
  • Nice Leon goes to the charity stripe for a shot at three. He hits hit to cut the Stags' lead to eight. 20-12 Stags.
  • "Indiana Kettlecorn: The Official Popcorn of the Stags".

- Keith Connors


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