Friday, January 18, 2008

56-41 Gaels; 7:18 in the 2nd

  • Gary Springer gets a lay-in after an errant pass from Fairfield. Cooley is really, really not pleased now and calls a timeout. Really. 56-41 Gaels
  • Prodanovic actually misses a shot! Stop the presses! Apparently the Stags were confused too, as they allow Gary Springer to get behind them for a dunk. 54-41 Gaels.
  • Cooley yells: "Let's get our mojo working!" as the ref calms him down. Hmm.
  • Han hits a much needed three-pointer. Now, the Stags could use a much needed defensive stop. 52-41 Gaels.
  • As the Stags show some zone to shut down Iona's perimeter, Tarver travels on dribble penetration.
  • After working the ball on the perimeter, Yorel Hawkins is charged with an offensive foul. Gaels ball.

- Keith Connors


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