Friday, January 18, 2008

6-5 Fairfield; i15:49 n the 1st

  • Iona tries to throw an alley-oop pass, but a miscue leads to a loose ball which leads to a Devin Johnson foul.
  • A misses shot from Camper bounces around and ends up in the hands of Dexter Gray, who lays it in. Nero answers moments later as the Stags push quick up-court. 6-5 Stags.
  • Peanut hits a pair. Eh, two outta three ain't bad. 4-3 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson, on a very smart play, uses his size to get a foul. A.J. was only there to move the ball quick on the perimeter, but drew a foul with the shot clock winding down. He goes to the line for three (or tree, since we are in New Yawk).
  • Yorel Hawkins hits a fadeway from twenty and gets it to go. Good look. 3-2 Gaels.
  • Camper hits one-of-two. 3-0 Gaels
  • Kyle Camper telegraphs a pass, and Evanovich holds him on the play to prevent an easy, wide-open lay-in. The ref calls it an intentional foul giving Camper two shots. Cooley is enraged - but the jacket stays on.
  • Nero gets the ball stripped as Iona shows some early full court pressure. The Stags retain, though.
  • Dexter Gray hits a jumper. Quick look, quick shot. 2-0 Gaels.
  • Anthony Johnson tries to post-up his man down low and is called for an offensive foul. It'd be nice to get him back scoring in this one.
  • Nice defensive stop - good sign for Cooley and the gang early on.
  • Stags' corral the tip thanks to Peanut Johnson, but a travel gives the ball away. Gaels ball.

- Keith Connors


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