Saturday, March 3, 2007

73-69 Hounds; :28.6 in the 2nd

  • He'll ice the game if he hits this shot. And he does. Loyola leads by four. 73-69 Hounds.
  • A big shot, Alujevic hits the first.
  • Alujevic goes to the line with :28.6 to go.
  • After Fairfield nearly looses the ball, Han hits Van Schiack with a pass. Shake pump fakes, drops steps, and misses a three. Greyhounds control the board and foul right away.
  • The situation: Stags ball down two, 71-69, coming off of a planned timeout. The clock is at :38.9, the shot clock at 31. Let's see what happens. If I'm in Patsos head right now, I'm looking for Van Schaick, but remembering when Mamadou hit a wide-open three in the earlier contest to send the game to overtime. Here we go.
- Keith Connors


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