Saturday, March 3, 2007

Halftime at the Harbor: 34-33 Loyola

  • At the Half: Loyola 34, Fairfield 33
  • After Han takes it the length of the court, Anthony Johnson misses a jumper and Nero the put back to end the half.
  • Fairfield takes a timeout to set up a last minute play.
  • Loyola was unfazed, apparently, as big man Omari Israel hits a three in the corner at the shot clock buzzer, his first three-point attempt of the season. Big swing in momentum. 34-33 Greyhounds
  • Brown runs the clock down and drives - but is greeted by Anthony Johnson's hand a sick block. Cooley looked like a kid on Christmas morning, as the ball came to him off the block. Loyola ball.
  • A sick foul shooter, Nero hits them both. 33-31 FU.
  • Van Schiack gives down low for Nero, who is fouled as he missed the shot. He'll go to the line with :44.7 to go in the first half.
  • Brett Harvey drives and hits a leaner on a bank shot. A nice job by Harvey getting down the floor quick. 31-31.
  • Allen misses a three in the corner and Loyoal plls down the board.
  • Brown misses a three on a "pick-and-pop" play, but had a great look. I was scared when he shot it. Stags all.
  • Brown's botched pass turns into a jump-ball, but the possession stays for Loyola.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: an Americana/FU red and white striped tie with a light blue shirt. Impressive way to dress nicely for his MAAC tournament debut. And, as always, classy...
- Keith Connors


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