Saturday, March 3, 2007

20-12 Stags; 10:57 in the 1st

  • Media timeout as Shake goes after a ball in the stands. What a great effort.
  • The Stags push the ball and put in, Mamadou on the finish. 20-12 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson gets a great look in the paint from Han, who was driving the lane, and hits the lay-up. Stags 1-12.
  • Israel gets a lay-in after a turnover from Van Schaick on the floor. 16-12 Stags.
  • Nero gets a great dish from Van Schaick and banks it home. 16-10 Stags.
  • Devin Johnson gets called for a hold on the floor. Loyola maintains possession, and Gerald Brown hooks it in moments later. 14-10 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson misses an open lay-in. Greyhound ball.
  • On the other end, Israel gets called for a hold on Anthony Johnson. Fairfield ball.
  • Israel hits both from the charity stripe. 14-8 Stags
  • Harvey misses a floater - which results in a Loyola offensive rebound. Israel drives it and gets to the line on a block foul from Marty, a questionable call at best.
- Keith Connors


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