Monday, February 19, 2007

59-52 Red Foxes; 4:15 in the 2nd

  • On a quick cross-court dish from Van Schaick, Jon Han hits a three that rolled around for a good five seconds before it finally fell in. 59-52 Foxes.
  • Mamadou makes one-of-two and cuts the lead to ten. 59-49 Red Foxes.
  • Will Whittington knocks down a three on a pick in the corner. 59-48 Marist.
  • Stilphen misses the foul shot - but Jordan pulls down the board.
  • The Stags moves to a full-court press. Mamadou gets called on a hold in the process - sending Stilphen to the line. Not exactly what Coach had in mind.
  • Stilphen gets called on an "over the back" on Shake. Van Schaick converts both. 56-48 Red Foxes.
  • Shake misses a three in the corner, then Anthony Johnson gets blocks by the RIM on a put-back. When it rains, it pours...
  • The entire Marist bench is standing and yelling. Good enthusiasm from the Red Foxes.
  • Stilphen drains a three - on a wide-open look. 56-46 Marist.
  • Marty O'Sullivan gets called on a foul on the rebound. He apparently landed awkwardly and was very slow getting up. Looks as if he twisted his ankle on the play - he walks away on his own power.
  • Han misses the shot, but grabs his own board after a crazy bounce after the shot.
  • Gerald Carter gets called on a hold on the floor as Han drives. That's the team's ninth foul at only 7:40 to go.
- Keith Connors


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