Monday, February 19, 2007

27-22 Stags; 3:04 in the 1st

  • Media T.O.
  • SHAKE ALERT: Van Schaick comes off a screen on a "gate" play and knocks down the three with Jordan in his grill. Mamadou gets a lay-up seconds later after a Marist miss. 27-22 Stags.
  • Danny pump fakes and takes it all the way for a lay-in on a great kick out from Marty. Moments later, James Smith hits another three. This guy can sure shoot for a 7'0" center. 22-22 Tie.
  • Whittington is hacked by Ogelsby on the shot (Danny didn't box out) and heads to the line. He converts both, pulling the Foxes within one. 20-19 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson dunks an alley-oop mere seconds later. Before I even finish typing this, Smith makes a three-pointer. 20-17 Stags.
  • Stilphen gets a kick-out feed from Smith in the post and does a nice job hitting the shot. He's a nice little shooter.
  • Nero is back in - good to see that he is fine.
  • Chris Simmons, women's basketball beat writer, joins us this evening. For the record, I own him in Guitar Hero.
  • "I got a fevah... and the only prescription...... is more cowbell."
- Keith Connors


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