Monday, February 19, 2007

2-2 Tie; 15:14 in the 1st

  • Whittington misses a three, followed by a Stags rebound.
  • Danny Ogelsby ties it up on a nice look. Tie 2-2.
  • James Smith gets a great look from Jordan down-low and hits an easy shot. Marist 2-0
  • Shake misses his first shot on a pull-up jumper.
  • Good defense from Peanut in the paint causes Smith to double dribble. Stags ball, still no score.
  • Van Schaick hits Marty on a beautiful pass - but he misses the open three.
  • Anthony Johnson steps out of bound on a post-up attempt on Smith. It wasn't go anywhere anyway.
  • Marty misses ugly on a three-point attempt - but makes up for it by taking a charge on the other end from Stilphen.
  • Marist misses both put backs on both end - first Farmer and then Smith wiffed on the rebound lay-in attempt.
  • Johnson called on an early foul down-low. They went right after him.
  • And now - gametime.
  • Marty O'Sullivan and Danny Ogelsby both get the start tonight - freshmen Devin Johnson and Greg Nero both give way to their senior leaders.
  • Nice showing for the Marist faithful - it looks like they brought their own fan bus from Poughkeepsie. I hate to say it, but they almost have more people than the "Red Sea". I'm hoping we get a little back-and-forth banter between both crowds tonight - high school style.
- Keith Connors


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