Monday, February 19, 2007

42-41 Stags; 11:39 in the 2nd

  • Benjamin gets fouled by Marty on a put-back off of a Whittington miss. It's Marty's third foul.
  • Smith his yet another three. What a night this kid is having. 42-41 Stags.
  • Marty puts it up strong over Benjamin and hits the leaner. He's doing a fantastic job in the paint tonight against some strong Fox guards. 42-38 Stags
  • Good defense from Fairfield after a few careless passes from Marist leads to a turnover. Stags ball.
  • Marty hits a pretty hook shot over Smith from the post. The Stags regain the lead. 40-38 Stags.
  • Jordan misses on a pick-and-pop play. Mamadou grabs the rebound.
  • Han sinks both shots to tie the game. 38-38.
  • Two technicals called - one on Ben Farmer and another on Mamadou. Must have been a little pushing and talking after the play.
  • Han gets called on a foul after a steal from Jordan. On the miss, Marty attempted to put it back for a dunk and accidentally grabbed the rim. Looks like they're going to call a technical for that on the Stags.
  • Stilphen steps out of bounds trying to save an errant pass. Stags ball.
- Keith Connors


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