Monday, February 19, 2007

36-35 Stags; 16:32 in the 2nd

  • Cooley takes a timeout - sensing a Red Foxes run building.
  • Mamadou gets picked on a little miscommunication between him and Han. An opportunistic Jordan takes it to the whole and makes the lay-up. 36-35 Stags.
  • Mamadou tries to get a charge called, but the flop does not work. Stilphen takes it in easy - 36-33 Stags.
  • The jacket is off! Cooley is getting into it now.
  • Han takes it coast-to-coast after a Jordan miss and lays it up. 36-31 FU.
  • Anthony Johnson gets called on a miss and gives Marist the ball back. Stilphen does a nice job taking advantage of a slide from Mamadou and scores the point. Han answers with a nice shot in the lane. 34-31 Stags.
  • Marty grabs his own miss and puts it back in, making it a three-point game. 32-29 Stags.
  • Back-to-back turnovers on the defensive end by Marist keeps giving Fairfield the ball back. They've yet to capitalize.
  • Jordan finally tallies a point - hitting a pull-up in the lane. 30-29 Stags.
  • Chris Simmons just jacked a thing of popcorn from the Media Room. Theif!
  • Greg Nero looks like he has a heated back pad on right now. It's hard to tell (since he's still in uniform), but I don't think we'll see a lot of him in the second half.
- Keith Connors


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