Saturday, March 3, 2007

14-6 Stags; 14:33 in the 1st

  • Brown gets trapped in the corner on offense and is forced to burn a timeout. Cooley was so excited he ran over and grabbed Anthony Johnson by the jersey. Ed is pumped!
  • After the Stags break the press, a wide open Anthony Johnson slams down his second dunk of the night. What a job by the Fairfield offense to break it. 14-6 Stags.
  • Foul on the floor on Fairfield as the Stags switched to a 2-3 zone. Brown will shoot two - misses the first, but makes the second to make it a six-point game. 12-6 Stags.
  • Devin Johnson makes a nice cut and puts it in. 12-5 Stags.
  • Fufana wiffs a dunk - hey, at least we're not the only ones that do that.
  • Pre-game meal: a catered dinner that Keith missed out on. I'm not a happy camper. At least this Grehound mascot knows how to bust a move.
- Keith Connors


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