Saturday, March 3, 2007

71-68 Hounds; 2:15 in the 2nd

  • Cooley grabs the ref and calls a timeout with possession.
  • Han misses the foul shot, but Shake grabs the board.
  • Han drives, hits the shot, and is fouled! A big play for the Stags to keep this game tight. 71-68 Hounds.
  • Brown hits a three over Marty from the corner. A huge shot for the forward. 71-66 Hounds.
  • O'Sullivan misses a turnaround jumper and the Hounds grab the board. Stags ball.
  • Brown kicks it out for Alujevic, who drains a three. Loyola has its first lead all night at 3:24 to go. 68-66 Hounds.
  • Some Loyola fan spilt beer on my shirt/jacket during warm-ups. Therefore, I am boycotting the state of Maryland for the next few months. Sorry, Simmons.
- Keith Connors


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