Saturday, March 3, 2007

66-65 Stags; 4:09 in the 2nd

  • Cooley burns a timeout to get his team under control. 66-65 Stags with 4:09 to go.
  • Brown misses a runner, but Omari Israel tips in the miss to make it a one-point game. This is getting interesting.
  • O'Sullivan drives, but a nice read by Israel leads to a charge call. Cooley and the crowd were not amused. Hounds ball.
  • Loyola switches to a full court press.
  • Brown (who has four fouls, by the way) goes to the line, after he was fouled on an athletic drive to the hoop. He converts both from the charity stripe. 66-63 Stags.
  • Van Schaick hits a big three after saving an errant pass from Herbie Allen from going out of bounds. He's on fire! "Second Half Shake", as Tom and I call him. 66-61 Stags.
  • Alujevic's shot gets swatted by Peanut, but Omari Israel puts in the easy buckets. 63-61 Stags.
  • Van Schaick finds Anthony Johnson underneath, who is fouled going up with the ball, the Greyhounds' eighth team foul. Johnson misses the first, but knocks down the second.
  • Allen misses a jumper, but the Stags grab the offensive board.
  • Gerald Brown finally hits a three. He has been much maligned from behind the arc for the majority of this game. 62-59 Stags.
  • O'Sullivan air balls a three. On the other end, Allen gets called for a hold on the floor. Greyhound Ball.
  • Israel picks up the ball and walks. Yet another travel for the Greyhounds. Stags ball.
  • Shake's on the line for his "and one" shot. He nails it. 62-56 Stags.
- Keith Connors


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