Saturday, March 3, 2007

61-56 Stags; 7:57 in the 2nd

  • Shake drives on a fast break, goes all the way, and gets the bucket with the foul on a block. 61-56 Stags with a shot to come.
  • Han turns the ball over, but the Stags recover and prevent a fast break. Loyola ball.
  • Sullivan's shot from the corner off of a nice look grazes the backboard, but finds a way in. 59-56 Stags.
  • Fofana tries to take a charge and fails miserably. Van Schaick goes to the line and hits both. 59-53 Stags.
  • Brown steps out of bounds after being trapped by Anthony Johnson and Herbie Allen. Stags ball.
  • Allen turns the ball over as Loyola surprises with a full-court press. Sullivan misses a three, but the Hounds maintain possession. The same thing happens again.
  • Brown converts one-of-two from the free throw line. 57-53 Stags.
  • Harvey kicks to Brown, who drives and is fouled in the lane. He goes to the line.
  • J.J. Jumper's act is ridiculous (including his dance to "Chicken Noodle Soup"). Yet I can't possibly look away.
- Keith Connors


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