Monday, January 21, 2008

20-11 Stags; 11:51 in the 1st

  • Loose ball at mid-court. Kinda like the G-men/Packers game yesterday. Long story short, Pete's pushes the ball up court and lays it in. Dumb foul by Han gives the Peacocks a chance for a three point play the old-fashioned way. 20-11 Stags.
  • Han senses the shot clock winding down and forces an ugly three. Pete's ball as it rolls out of bounds. Translation: airball.
  • Warren Edney, mohawk and all, gets an oop pass and lays it in off the class. Eh, whatever works.
  • Pete's turnover leads to a Mike Evanovich lay in on a fastbreak. These boys look awfully determined tonight .18-9 Stags.
  • Stags bury a three again - this time its Yorel Hawkins in the corner. The shooters are hot tonight. 16-9 Stags.
  • Todd Sowell outmuscles Mike Evanovich underneath and lays it in. Mike was trying to take a fall, but he got no love from the ref.
  • Evanovich pulls the trigger quick after a pass and matches Lampley's three. 13-7 Stags.
  • Darrel Lampley is the beneficiary of a kickout pass, andhe takes advantage and hits the three. 10-7 Stags.
  • Dapper Cooley watch: black suit, blue pinstriped shirt, red and blue striped tie, tons of class. As always.
  • Big VA in the house! Father von Arx takes in the action from a seat above the Stags bench. Nice sweater, as well.

- Keith Connors


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