Friday, January 18, 2008

61-43 Gaels; 3:24 in the 2nd

  • After a nice defensive showing that resulted in a Devon Clarke turnover, Warren Edney hits a three. 61-43 Gaels.
  • Rashon Dwight goes to the line for four shots. Yes, four shots. He only hits two of them, but the damage has been done to a Fairfield team that is already reeling. Bob Simon takes over the coaching duties.
  • Technical foul on Cooley, who is not plased. Moments later, Cooley is ejected from the game on another techincal. I'm not sure if he was trying to send a message or was genuinely displeased with the refs and the play of his team. Either way, bad news.
  • Newsflash: Milan Prodanovic nails a three. 59-41 Gaels.
  • A pair of misses from Greg Nero and Anthony Johnson somehow goes out of bounds off of Iona. Just as the Stags get ready for an inbound, Devin Johnson is charged with an offensive.

- Keith Connors


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