Monday, January 21, 2008

27-26 Stags; 2:39 in the 1st

  • Peter's forces a jump-ball and gets the "small break" from the possession arrow. Dunne must be pleased with the way his boys are playing in a hostile arena.
  • Ryan Bacon tips in a Lampley miss, and all of a suden it's a one-point game. 27-26 Stags.
  • Jordan Costner goes to the line for a pair after he's hit hard in the lane. Costner hits both, and suddenly the Peacocks are charging. 27-24 Stags. Oh, boy.
  • There he is! Ryan Bacon hits a jumper. 27-22 Stags.
  • Darrel Lampley with a drive and lay-in. 27-20 Stags.
  • Pete's sub: Ryan Bacon. Kinda catchy.
  • A.J. hits one-of-two. 27-18 Stags.
  • Two quick fouls for Sowell as he hits Anthony Johnson. Peanut was in the lane going up for a dunk. He'll head to the line for a pair.
  • Sowell is called for a foul on Herbie after a Gooding miss. He somehow seemed puzzled. If only this were football, that'd be legal. Stags' ball.
  • Yorel Hawkins is hacked on a jumper. He hits both shots from the line to increase the lead to eight points. 26-18 Stags.
  • Random fact of the night: Martin Luther King, Jr. had an honorary degree from St. Peter's College over in Jersey City.
  • Sowell banks it in the post. 24-18 Stags.
  • Evanovich gets a press-breaking feed and lays it in off the glass. 24-16 Stags.

- Keith Connors


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