Monday, January 21, 2008

45-44 Stags; 9:04 in the 2nd

  • Han adds the extra basket, and then a Pete's turnover leads to a Mike Evanovich turnaround jumper. 45-44 Stags.
  • Han hits a jumper AND the foul. Nice break for Fairfield - which may be exactly what they are looking for. Darrell Lampley is charged with the foul.
  • Sowell works hard underneath against Peanut Johnson and gets a leaner to go. 44-40 Pete's.
  • Edney whiffs on an open three, and Peter's grabs down the board with 10:30 to play.
  • Herbie Allen drives coast-to-coast and draws a foul. He knocks down both shots to make this a two-point affair. Full court press from the Stags. 42-40 Pete's.
  • Hawkins hits one-of-two from the line to pull the Stags to within four. 42-38 Pete's.

- Keith Connors


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