Monday, January 21, 2008

38-33 Peter's; 15:04 in the 2nd

  • Ryan Bacon gets another shot in the paint. Looks like St. Peter's wants to go "down low" for points early and often - especially to Sowell. Cooley is displeased and takes a T.
  • Sowell goes back to work and hits a jumper. 36-33 Peter's.
  • Sowell drians them both. So much for the "smart foul" comment. 34-31 Stags.
  • Nero fouls Sowell down-low in a smart play. Sowell had clear position and would've easily layed it in.
  • Jon Han answers with the exact same shot on the other end, and finally the Stags are back on the board. 32-31 Peter's.
  • Nick Leon hits a mid-range jumper and increases the Peacocks' lead to three. 32-29 Peter's.
  • A nice move from Greg Nero is all for nothing, as it hits off the back rim and bounces out. Pete's ball - so far no points for the Stags in the first 2:30.
  • Sowell takes over underneath, pushes away Evanovich, and lays it in off the glass. St. Peter's now holds its first lead of the evening. 30-29 Peter's.
  • Nick Leon trips by accident in front of us. Whammy.
  • Airball number three on the night for Fairfield as Herbie misses long in the corner.

- Keith Connors


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