Friday, January 25, 2008

8-3 Stags; 14:06 in the 1st

  • Media T.O. as Evanovich is called for a questionable shooting foul in the paint.
  • Elton Frazier hits a jumper, but the Stags push and Warren Edney drains a three-point shot. Nicely done, sir. 8-3 Stags.
  • Edney forces a post pass to go out of Logins hands. Han pushes up court, and Evanovich buries a three. 5-1 Stags.
  • A pair of misses from both sides, and an A.J. put back goes out of bounds. Certainly not like watching a Suns/Mavs NBA game here. 2-1 Stags and Griffs to inbound.
  • A loose ball reminiscent of a rugby scrum ends with Yorel Hawkins carrying the ball on an attempted drive. The Stags had numbers, too. 2-1 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson gets the ball in the post again, but is met by Greg Logins on a big time stuff. Little taste of his own medicine there for A.J. Griffs ball.
  • A.J. misses both. Whammy. Still 2-1 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson gets the ball in the paint, posts up his man, and tries a hook. Shot misses long, but the guys in stripes call the foul. Two shots for Peanut.
  • Logins makes one-of-two. 2-1 Stags.
  • Evanovich called for a shooting foul after a Griffs' offensive board. Greg Logins goes to the line for a pair.
  • Han and Herbie complete a two-on-one fast break to perfection after an up court push on a rebound. 2-0 Stags.
  • Han tries to hit Yorel Hawkins in the post, but the pass goes wide. Griffs ball.
  • Peanut Johnson wins the tip and controls the board. We're underway here at Harbor Yard.
  • The Fairfield Five: Here's a quick look at the Stags' starters - Jon Han at point (duh). Herbie Allen joins him at guard. Yorel Hawkins continues to get starts for Coach Cooley. Anthony Johnson and Mike Evanovich round out the starting five. Seems as if Coach continues to want to mix and match his players.
  • The Griffs play a smaller, perimeter game - something that Stags have had trouble with all year. Look for a slow, defensive pace, just like Cooley wants it. Big men, be prepared.
  • Kind of interesting being here on the other side of the court. New perspective for Tom and I. Hopefully the change of pace can bring the Stags some good luck.
  • Painted yellow Nike's for the Griffs? I like some good kicks as much as anybody, but I think they crossed the line a little here. Last I checked, the Celtics don't roll out with kelly green Jordans.

- Keith Connors


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