Friday, January 25, 2008

20-6 Fairfield; 7:40 n the 1st

  • orel Hawkins gets the ball in the post, but a'Nyam swipes the ball away. Refs say that Fairfield maintains possession.
  • Nero airmails a three. Griffs ball.
  • That comes after Cooley yells "54" to the defense - Fairfield coaches must have telegraphed that play. Kind of funny, actually - every player on defense counted to four, waiting for the play to develop. When the fourth Griffs player got the ball, the team simply did not know what to go.
  • Herbie Allen hits a WIDE open three in the corner from Jon Han (already four assists early in the game). 20-6 Stags.
  • Michael Frazier called for an offensive foul on the floor; he hit Han pretty hard as he was going up for a long rebound. Stags' ball.
  • Only one point for Nero. 17-6 Stags.
  • Edney misses a mid-range J, but Nero grabs the board and goes up strong. Vazquez fouls him hared and Nero goes to the line.
  • 2-3 zone look from Canisius for the first time in tonight's game.
  • Jon Han. Open three. Top of the arc. You got it. 16-6 Stags.
  • I'm still mystified by Warren Edney's mohawk.
  • Griffs' foul Robbie Goldsberry is called for a moving pick on the offensive end. When it rains, it pours. Stags' ball.
  • So, I hear there's a Super Bowl game coming up with two local teams?
  • In other news, Raiders' owner Al Davis is making coach Lane Kiffin sign a resignation letter he didn't even write? Talk about the NFL's most dysfunctional franchise.
  • Frank Romano in the house! I miss that goatee, but he's still the man. Where's Waldo polo shirts never looked so good.

- Keith Connors


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