Friday, January 25, 2008

51-34 Stags; 7:44 in the 2nd

  • 51-34 Stags with 7:44 to go.
  • Turner goes yet again goes coast-to-coast following a Greg Nero miss. He hits the lay-in and gets the foul, as well. Canisius finally feels good about themselves, as the bench gives a mini-ovation. Cooley, not so much.
  • Yellow shoes, bad game? Coincidence? Hardly.
  • Vazquez hits the extra point for the old-fashioned three-point play. 51-32 Stags.
  • Just as the Stags seem to have the Griffs on the verge of an ugly turnover, Tomas Vazquez dunks it in and draws a hack to go with it. Coach Cooley's not liking this at all.
  • Jon Han hits a three in the corner. Looks like a point guard has to take action into his own hands. Ha! 51-29 Stags.
  • Han hit Warren Edney. Unfortunately for him, Edney missed the alley oop dunk. On the other side, Frank Turner hit Greg Logins quick for a lay-up.
  • Evanovich misses a three-pointer, but Herbie Allen hustles down the court and knocks the ball out of Frank Turner's hand to prevent a possible fast break.
  • Greg Nero gets a great feed from Mike Evanovich in a two-man game. Nero lays it in easily. 48-27 Stags.
  • Offensive foul called on Greg Logins, who threw a moving pick at Jon Han. Stags get the ball back.

- Keith Connors


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