Sunday, January 27, 2008

56-54 Niagara; 7:28 in the 2nd

  • Evanovich called for a foul as Fisher drove the lane.
  • Herbie Allen keeps the game tight with a three-pointer. 56-54 Niagara.
  • Charron Fisher hits a J from twenty feet out. 56-51 Niagara.
  • Stanley Hodge and Anthony Johnson dive around and mess for the ball. The Eagles actually come up with it and force the turnover. Appears as if Tyrone Lewis got tangled in the melee and got hurt. We'll see.
  • Hodge goes one-of-two. 54-51 Niagara.
  • Anthony Nelson misses a runner, but Stanley Hodge grabs an o-reb and draws the foul. He goes to the line for two.
  • Evanovich luckily drew the Eagles' tenth foul, as he missed the first. He made amends, though, by converting the second and pulling the Stags to within two points. 53-51 Niagara.
  • Anthony Johnson gets the ball again inside and draws a foul. Once again, though, the Stags fail to capitalize at the free throw line. On the other side of the court, Kamau Gordon is called for a hold on the floor. The refs have been busy blowing the whistle on offensive fouls for both teams all day. In any event, Stags' ball with 9:45 to go.
  • Tyrone Lewis' attempted three misses far and bounces over the boards. Stags' ball.
  • Edney misses the freebie; another blown chance. Purple Eagles' ball.
  • Must be the Stags lucky day, as the inbound from Lewis goes right to Anthony Johnson. Demetrius Williamson is called for a hold on Warren Edney a few moments later. He'll go to the line for a "one-and-one".
  • A.J. only gets one-of-two, but Nero fights for the board and the Stags' retain possession. However, Warren Edney drives hard after the ensuing inbound and gives the ball away.
  • I'd like to think that Cooley's message in the huddle will be two-fold: relax and be patient on offense, and play your game on D. Niagara is trying to push the ball and create quick, open shots. The Stags took the bait early on, but can't get into that type of game if they want to win.

- Keith Connors


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