Friday, February 8, 2008

24-21 Stags; 7:56 in the 1st

  • Warren Edney has a tough look, but hits a three with a defender in his face. Nice work from Fairfield working the ball on the perimeter. 24-21 Stags.
  • Darryl Crawford hits a three on a pretty kick-out pass. 21-21.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Marty O'Sullivan sighting! Marty hits a shot two steps in from the three-point line and buries it. Good look, good shot.
  • Manhattan has been using a half-court trap into a 2-3 zone against the Stags thus far tonight. Nothing new for Cooley and the gang.
  • Peanut Johnson misses a twenty-footer. Ouch. Not sure that's what Fairfield had drawn up on that possession.
  • Smith knocks down a deuce from the line. 19-18 Stags.
  • Peanut looks to have a clean block, but Marty O'Sullivan draws the whistle for a blocking foul. Chris Smith now turns a missed lay-in into free throws.
  • Nick Walsh hits a three in the corner quickly. Fairfield never even got a chance to set up their defense. 19-16 Stags.
  • Edney only converts on one. Can the Stags consistently start making free throws?
  • Warren Edney pump fakes, drives the lane, and gets the call. That's exactly what a slasher like Edney is designed to do in Cooley's BC flex offense. He'll go to the line for two.
  • Cooley seems to have some sort of hand injury. Not sure where that came from. Hmmm..
  • Shoutout to Ernie in the Manhattan S.I.D. department. He brighten up Tom and I this evening.
  • The Lady Stags are in triple overtime with MAAC rival Iona right now over in New Rochelle. Big game for Frager and Co. We'll keep you posted on the update.

- Keith Connors


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