Friday, February 8, 2008

17-13 Stags; 11:23 in the 1st

  • Herbie Allen gets in on the scoring hits a three of his own. 17-13 Stags
  • Evanovich tries a catch-and-shoot quick three and misses long. After an offensive board from Anthony Johnson, Evanvovich tries his favorite move again - but is called with a travel. Jaspers ball.
  • Ferguson and Anthony Johnson struggle for a rebound, with Manhattan gaining possession after a timeout on the floor.
  • Evanvoich pulls the trigger fast and nails a three. 14-13 Stags.
  • Antoine Pearson is the beneficiary of strong transition defense and an untimely Stags' turnover. It was a 3-on-none for Manhattan.
  • Jamal Ferguson works his magic again with another trey - this time in the corner. 11-11 here at Draddy.
  • Han keeps the zone honest again by throwing an alley oop, this time to Anthony Johnson. A definite Cooley trait is to throw the alley oop pass to keep the zone back a bit. Nicely done, boys. 11-8 Stags.
  • Han tries to throw an alley oop pass from well beyond the arc, which draws a foul on Manhattan as Hawkins went up to grab it. Stags' retain, and Manhattan is fourced to sun Laurence Jolicoeur out.
  • Jamal Ferguson breaks Fairfield's trap-zone D with a three. 9-8 Stags.
  • Draddy Gym is half-full - a nice, little facility here in the Bronx. A pretty, city ca
  • Four three's to start the game for the Jaspers. Looks like they've done their homework on Fairfield - given the Stags' M.O. to be poor on perimeter defense. However, to be fair, Manhattan is likely not the kind of team that can play a fast-paced game with Fairfield and expect to win.

- K.C.


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