Friday, February 8, 2008

33-30 Jaspers; 19:05 in the 2nd

  • Cooley is not amused, and calls a timeout to talk to his boys.
  • Laurence Jolicoeur finishes a fastbreak with a lay-up. 33-30 Jaspers.
  • Stags and Jaspers trade a pair of three's as the second half gets underway. 31-30 Jaspers.
  • Oddities and Such: Herbie Allen leads the Stags with 9 rebounds! 9! In other news, Fairfield out rebounded the Jaspers by a 22-7 mark in the first half. Yet, the Stags find themselves down one at half.
  • Cool Eli Manning "CHAMPS!" poster from the Daily News on the Jaspers' S.I.D. office. Gotta love the G-Men.
  • Other MAAC action: Niagara's currently leading Rider, 37-36 at half.
  • Stat o' the Half: Manhattan took seven threes - in the first 8:30 of the game. Barry Rohrseen and the Jaspers clearly have a gameplan, and it's to hurt Fairfield on the perimeter. With a one-point lead at half against a superior team, I'd say it's working thus far.
  • Jaspers' dance team is a worldly group. First, Myley Cyrus. Now, we get Rhianna and Brittney Spears. Can't wait to see what's next!

- Keith Connors


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