Friday, February 8, 2008

39-32 Jaspers; 15:57 in the 2nd

  • Media timeout.
  • Offensive foul on Edney = Cooley's jacket is finally dismissed in anger.
  • One free throw from Pearson extends Manhattan's lead to seven. 39-32 Jaspers.
  • Mamadou sighting here in the Bronx. It's his first action in weeks - Cooley must be looking for a defensive spark.
  • Draddy's Wireless kicks me off for a few seconds, but here's a recap: Manhattan isu up by six with 16:30 to play. Cooley has already burned two timeout trying to rally the troops. Fairfield must avoid falling in a hole early; the last time they traveled south on the Hutch it did not end well.
- K.C.


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