Friday, February 8, 2008

51-51; 7:04 in the 2nd

  • Media timeout. Things are getting interesting here.
  • Jamal Ferguson goes the length of the court and gets the ball to fall in. Moments later, Jon Han gets whistled for an offensive foul - he clearly disagrees. 51-51.
  • Evanovich hits a leaner; a rare shot for him to take, but Fairfield will take anything at this point. 51-49 Stags.
  • Andrew Gabriel misses the first foul shot, but makes amends by converting the second. Stags and Jaspers tied here in the Bronx. 49-49.
  • Nero is called for his fourth personal foul - which could influence the tide of this game very quickly. Marty O'Sullivan checks in for him.
  • One-of-two for Darryl Crawford. Manhattan retakes the lead, but no for long. Greg Nero gets a feed after the Stags' push the ball fast up court. First lead in a while for Fairfield. 49-48 Stags.

- K.C.


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