Friday, February 8, 2008

Final from Draddy Gym: 66-61 Stags

  • Final from Draddy Gym: Fairfield 66, Manhattan 61. After Mamdou drained both free throws, Antoine Pearson's last attempt at a three falls short. Fairfield wins it, and does so in dramatic fashion on an unreal comeback.
  • Both shots fall for Diakhate, and this one is all but over. 66-61 Stags.
  • Fittingly, it's Mamadou Diakhate with a chance to put this game to bed with two free throws on the way. 5 seconds left on the clock
  • A kick-out from Devin Austin led to a great look (wide-open) for Darryl Crawford. Crawford, though, missed the three wide left. Mamadou, of all people, went up for the board and is fouled from behind.
  • Here's the scene: Manhattan inbounds the ball at half-court following a timeout. There's a little over 16 seconds to go. Fairfield needs a stop to win. Manhattan needs a three to tie, or perhaps a quick basket and a foul. Time will tell.

- Keith Connors


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