Friday, February 8, 2008

60-59 Stags; 1:24 in the 2nd

  • Antoine Pearson his a long three-pointer (nearly draws a foul on contact, too). Manhattan calls for a quick timeout to regroup. 60-59 Stags.
  • One shot for Mamadou falls in. 60-56 Stags.
  • Brandon Adams takes offense to some of Mamadou's defensive tactics and takes a swing at him after a board. I think it was a punch, it may have been another intentional elbow. In any event, Fairfield gets another chance to add a few points from the line. Mamadou does it again.
  • Pearson breaks Fairfield's attempted help/slides on defense and heads Brandon Adams for a dunk. 59-56 Stags.
  • Han resists shooting as Manhattan's cheering section tried to pull a fake with the shot clock. Instead, an attempt to drive results in another foul call. Mamadou again comes in for defensive assistance.
  • After the Stags regroup, Han and company break Manhattan's press with ease. A basket here would be big.
  • Several missed second-chances fall in and out for the Jaspers under the glass. In the end, it is Marty O'Sullivan emerging with a rebound and a timeout call as he was falling out of bounds. Cooley nods in approval.
  • Devin Austin drives the lane and draws a foul. Austin converts both free throws to keep this one tight. 58-54 Stags.
  • Allen's second free throw is nothing but net. Stags but six here with 3:20 to play in regulation. 58-52 Stags.
  • Herbie's first shot hits the rim in every which way, and finally bounces in. Meanwhile, Mamdou Diakhate checks back in for defense.
  • Herbie Allen is held on the floor on an inbound pass. Seven fouls on Manhattan, so Herbie gets a one-and-one opportunity.
  • One-of-two for Crawford from the line. Hey, at least one Crawford in New York hits shots. 56-52 Stags.
  • Fairfield had plenty of games like this last season. No business winning, terrible first half, rough start after the break. Yet, in many cases, the Stags battled and clawed their way back into the game. Tonight, it may be happening again - for the first time in a long ime
  • Pep Band playlist tonight: 'Monty Python', "The Time Warp", and "The Chicken Dance". Check, please?

- K.C.


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