Sunday, February 10, 2008

16:08 Remaining First Half; 10-7 Iona

  • Should be a good match-up this afternoon, Fairfield needs this win to get on a roll. I haven't done this in awhile, but Keith is trying to be Bode Miller, so I'm back on blog duty, should be a fun ride.
  • An interesting performance of the National Anthem. Faster than I have ever heard it before. Like Keith has said before, where do they find these people?
  • The house lights dim...for five seconds, why not keep them down during intros with a spotlight? Oh well.
  • Milan Prodanovic starts quickly with a three...he had a career-high five threes last time against the Stags. Edney seems a bit limpy and Devin Johnson comes off the bench.
  • Fairfield catches a breath when Gary Springer blows a lay-up and then picks up a foul on the rebound.
  • Butterfly bandage on the knee, but Edney is heading back next break.
  • Sweet pass from Han to a slashing Devin Johnson who lays it in...3-2 Iona.
  • The Gaels answer right back as Springer lays it in for two. 5-2 Iona.
  • Devin Johnson scores again and its 5-4.
  • Prodanovic hits his second three of the game, not a good sign and its 8-4.
  • Herbie answers back with a three and Cooley screams to his defense on the other end, but to no avail as Dexter Gray drives the baseline and scores. Cooley screams for a timeout as the Stags go down 10-7.


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