Wednesday, February 14, 2007

63-62 Saints; :53.1 in the 2nd

  • Cooley calls a timeout to write a play.
  • Franklin cuts and gets the ball in the lane. Anthony Johnson gets called on the foul, sending Franklin to the line. He hits the first to tie it, then adds the second to give Siena a one-point lead. 63-62 Saints.
  • Han gets hit on his lay-in, but no foul is called. He misses the shot. It's Saints ball with a chance to take the lead.
  • Fisher is called on another foul on the floor. Devin Johnson hits the first, but misses the second. 62-61 FU.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck ties the game at 61 with a fast break lay-up at after a turnover from Jon Han. 61-61.
  • Franklin misses, but Haddix tips it in on a look in the paint. 61-59 Stags.
  • Tay Fisher is called on a hold shortly after the in-bound pass. Han converts the first shot, misses the second, but Marty tips in the miss, giving the Stags some temporary breathing room. 61-57 FU.
  • Anthony Johnson is called on Franklin's put back attempt. Franklin misses the first, then drains the second. It's a one-point game. 58-57 Stags.
  • Haddix goes to the line. He hits one of two, but the Saints retain possession on an offensive rebound. 58-56 Stags
  • Han drives but gets blocked. Siena grabs the loose ball after it floats around for a while.
  • The Stags have really been struggling getting quality looks and maintaining possession of late.
- Keith Connors


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