Wednesday, February 14, 2007

31-24 Saints; 1:55 in the 1st

  • Cooley takes a timeout to try to rally the troops
  • More of the same from the Saints - Haddix gets the ball down-low and he lays it in. 31-24 Siena.
  • Nice hustle play from Tay Fisher. The ball was going out of bounds and Van Schaick gave pup on it a little. He hit the ball off of Shake's foot as he fell over the media table - giving the Saints the ball.
  • Han gets called on a foul on the floor - apparently he poked Fisher in the eye. Fisher nails the first, but whiffs on the second. 28-24 Siena.
  • Shake forces an awkward shot after a pump fake and air balls it.
  • Franklin is called on a walk after a nice post-up move. Stags ball.
- Keith Connors


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