Wednesday, February 14, 2007

5-2 Saints; 15:35 in the 1st

  • After Peanut picks off a pass (yes, I said it), Nero gets called for an offensive foul while backing up a defender in the post.
  • Back-to-back turnovers from Siena on two bad passes.
  • Haddix runs over the band leader's kid on an attempt to the get the ball before it went out of bounds. Ouchhh.
  • Nero gets the ball stripped during a post-up move. Dave Ryan gets a nice look off of a skip pass and drains a three from the top of the key. 5-2 Siena.
  • Anthony Johnson hits a 15-foot jumper from the paint and nails it. FU 2-2.
  • Full-court press from FU early on (THANK YOU!) results in a turnover for Sienna.
  • A. Johnson travels on the other end - moved his pivot foot a bit too much for the ref's liking.
  • FU turns the ball over very quick. Anthony Johnson makes up for it was a nice block on Haddix, who got a great feed and a wide open look.
  • Jumper from Edwin Ubiles falls off a screen. Sienna 2-0
  • Red Sea tide: Low, but getting better. Tom and I came on a full bus - which is encouraging. Still barely even 100 in the crowd.
  • Pre-game meal: Roast beef and mashed taters. An American classic...
- Keith Connors


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