Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stags lead 58-46; 3:54 Remaining

Loyola is still hanging onto a hope of a comeback. The large comeback by Fairfield in the final minutes of last game is still fresh in the minds of both teams, so this game is far from over.

A long three by Van Schaick with the shot clock at 2 seemed to be the dagger for Loyola, but the Greyhounds continue to claw back into the game and still have a chance for a final charge, as the Stags just turned the ball over on a shot clock violation.

Van Schaick leads all scorers with 22 points, while Brown still leads the Greyhounds with 12. He has 4 fouls and is not in the game at this time. He has played just 25 points.

Patsos turns to the fans still here and applauds them, saying "I love you guys." Sadly despite the amount of fans that left, there are still probably more than at any Fairfield game at the Arena.

-Tom Cleary


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