Wednesday, February 14, 2007

28-24 Saints; 3:54 in the 1st

  • Fisher is called on a hold before the in-bound. That's six for Siena.
  • Franklin converts both shots from the charity stripe. Saints lead 28-24.
  • Mamadou misses a ten-foot jumper after a nice play. On the other end, he fouls Franklin in what would've been an easy too. A nice job by Diakhate.
  • Fisher hits a three off of a pick-and-pop two-man game at the top of the arc. 26-24 Stags.
  • They in-bound the ball on a floater pass that Anthony Johnson grabs and puts in. Stags regain the lead. 24-23 FU.
  • Haddix gets another easy look and a lay-up on blow coverage. 23-22 Saints.
  • Nero hits Anthony Johnson for an easy lay-in. Stags 22-21
  • Herbie drives a cut, but misses Peanut and turns the ball over. Haddix hits a hook over him on the other end.
  • Herbie Misses a three in the corner, but Franklin has trouble holding on the board and travels.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there. There's no better way to spend it then to cuddle with your favorite Stag and listen to the game and read the Mirror Sports' Live Game Log from Keith Connors! Am I right?
  • I've gone too far.
- Keith Connors


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