Wednesday, February 14, 2007

58-48 Stags; 7:07 in the 2nd

  • Marty gets a good look in the post, but kicks it out to Danny Ogelsby. Ogelsby drains the three and puts the Stags back up by ten. 58-48 FU.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck winds his way inside and hits the shot. 55-47 FU.
  • Han drives and then pulls up for a shot - that falls. 55-45 FU.
  • Devin hits one of the two shots. 53-45 FU.
  • Devin drives it, misses, but gets hacked on the put-back. Cory McGee gets called on a shooting foul. That's only his first but the team's seventh already. Something to keep an eye on as it's still very early.
  • Franklin tries to dunk, but is met with some opposition in the form of Peanut Johnson. Inexplicably, Van Schaick gets called on the foul. Franklin hits one-of-two. 52-45 FU.
  • Han hits a jumper from the top of the key with a defender in his face. Good patience by the offense to wait for a good look. 52-44 Stags.
  • Alex Franklin hits a jumper in the lane. 50-44 Stags.
  • Stags are playing with a lot more energy and enthusiasm right now. Cooley can sense it - he was pumped up and yelling before the timeout.
  • I could really go for a Smartie right now.
- Keith Connors


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