Wednesday, February 14, 2007

40-39 Saints; 15:19 in the 2nd

  • Devin throws an errant pass and the Stags turn the ball over.
  • Pretty move from Edwin Ubiles on a two-on-one. Ubiles lays it in and the Saints regain the lead. 40-39 Siena.
  • SHAKE ALERT: Van Schaick gets a great look on an offensive rebound and nails the three in the corner. Here he comes. 39-38 Stags.
  • Marty O'Sullivan hits a long two-pointer after just checking in. 38-36 Saints.
  • Tay Fisher gets a good look from Dave Ryan and drains a three in the far corner. Siena gets control. 38-34 Siena.
  • Nero misses an easy shot on a great play call - then gets called on a foul. Stags come back with the press.
  • Van Schaick gets a pick up top and drives it all the way for a nice lay-up. Stags are now down by one. 35-34 Siena.
  • A full-court ride (a little lax terminology for ya) from the Stags.
  • Shake hits a falling shot off of a screen and is fouled in the process. He makes the extra shot to cut the deficit to three. 35-32 Saints.
  • Shake misses a three and Anthony Johnson misses two put-back attempts. Rodriguez hits a lay-up on the other end. Sienna 35-29
  • Some Stats for ya: Haddix leads all scorers with 15 points (7-8 shooting). Van Schaick only has two points (1-4 FG, 0-2 3Pt); Anthony Johnson has 12 points (6-7 FG) and three boards
- Keith Connors


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