Sunday, January 28, 2007

23-16 Stags; 7:05 in the 1st

  • Shake is called for a foul. Cooley and the crowd are not happy with the officiating thus far.
  • Marty hits another shot. He looks as if he's shooting well early on. 23-16 Stags.
  • Mamadou rips the ball out of Brown's hand on what would've been an easy lay-in. Great play on D. Looks as if he's fouled on the way back, but no call made.
  • Allen misses a three, then gets called on a hold foul on the other end.
  • Shake nearly hits a reverse lay-up off a pretty pass. Niagra fumbles the rebound to keep the ball on the Stags side of the court.
  • Travel call on Clif Brown gives the ball back to Fairfield.
  • The Eagles come right back, as Fisher nails a three. Stags 21-16
  • Wow! Marty O'Sullivan nails a three-pointer on a shot normally reserved for fellow senior Shake.
  • Mamadou! He's in the game. Stag fans rejoice.
  • Nero fouls Fisher down-low. Fisher hits both to make it 18-13 FU.
  • Herbie Allen hits a three to put the Stags up seven. Allen has really come on of late. His offensive game is growing daily . Stags 18-11
  • Shot clock wasn't working on the play; Cooley is not amused. The refs huddle and appear to have the problem solved.
  • Niagra gives FU a taste of their own medicine with a full-court press.
  • The new Stag is creepin over by Niagra's sidelines. The Purple Eagles better watch out. This deer is more menacing.
  • Happy Birthday Jack Leonard! Wherever you are...
- Keith Connors


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