Friday, January 26, 2007

58-51 Stags; 4:25 in the 2nd

  • Tim Spitler nabs another bank shot. Fairfield 58-51.
  • Nero block/Allen steal gives the Stags the ball back again. Great defense inside - something we're not used to seeing this year consistently.
  • Herbie Allen gets fouled (Peter's ninth foul) and heads to the line. On the one-and-one attempt, Allen gets the first, but misses the second. Stags 58-49.
  • Marty O'Sullivan makes an athletic play to attempt a steal and keep it in bounds. The shot clock runs out and the Stags grab the ball.
  • Han draws the foul on a drive from up-top. Han misses the first, but nails the second to extend the lead to eight. Stags 57-Peacocks 49.
  • Awesome pass from Van Schaick to Nero leads to as open a shot/dunk as you can get. The Stags appears to be going on all cylinders at this point and are beginning to pull away. However, just as I type that, the Peacocks score quick. Stags 55-49
  • Orta drives the lane and draws the foul from Marty O'Sullivan on the ensuing possession. Orta hits one-of-two to make it 53-47 Stags.
  • Tom's thoughts on the new mascot: "He looks better with the shirt on. White stomach? A little freaky. But I guess deer have white stomachs.."
  • Casper on the new mascot: "I gave him a thumbs up, didn't I?" (True story: the mascot paraded around for a few seconds and then came right over to the three Mirror boys at the media table to get a review. Chris gave him a thumbs up on behalf off all of us. It was a Kodak moment)
- Keith Connors


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