Friday, January 26, 2007

43-39 Stags;12:08 in the 2nd

  • Shake alert! Van Schaick hits a three in the corner off a skip pass and puts the Stags back in control. He has come out on first in the 2nd Half. Stags 43-39.
  • Raul Orta nails a three to pull the Peacocks within one.
  • Nero gets the bucket and the foul. Nice job by Greg. It looks like they want to get the ball inside more in the second hafl. Nero adds the free throw to gives the Stags a 40-36 lead.
  • Han fouls Sowell, who hits the bucket and the shot from the charity stripe. 37-36 Stags.
  • Nero gets his first point of the night on a great look from Van Schaick. Shake pump faked it then looked inside. 37-33 Stags.
  • Gotta love that FU promo. "Discover the treasure". I couldn't agree more. As for where the treasure is, Dan will blog on that sometime tomorrow.
- Keith


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